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The Forestry Department of Kelantan (FDK) recognizes Acacia Industries with a certificate for good rapid development.

Acacia Industries has a strong working partnership with Lee Rubber Company (Pte) Limited (Lee Rubber). Lee Rubber had commended us for our technical experience and excellent product with good quality control over our raw materials that are very low in dirt, ash, and nitrogen and volatile.  We expect to maintain our strong partnership with Lee Rubber moving forward.

Authorities and Tropical Reforestation

Reforestation involves potential trade-offs i.e. to choose between environmental and social benefits, individual and community benefits, and to meet the objectives of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) and Forestry Department of Kelantan (FDK).  Our four pathways for addressing dynamic trade-offs and synergies in MTIB/FDK participations in order to select, implement, and sustain successful reforestation activities are:-

  • Collaborate to devise a reforestation strategy through dialogue about dynamic trade-offs;
  • Pledge robust MTIB commitments to mutual arrangement for implementing reforestation;
  • Implement reforestation intervention; and
  • Adjust strategy through continuous evaluation of outcomes.