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Our Mission

Our business conduct is guided by 3 principles, namely:-
An honest business builds foundations of trust with every stakeholder
The foundations for good leadership
Commitment to Climate
Smart Reforestation of Timber – i.e. societal adaptation, climate mitigation, and ecological resilience
We are committed to promoting responsible practices amongst our business partners, showing care for the wellbeing of our customers and upholding good corporate governance to meet the expectations of our suppliers.

As part of our commitment, we aspire to achieve a balanced integration of ethical, social, environmental and economic considerations in the way we conduct our business to create sustainable long-term values with our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our rubber plantation land bank throughout Malaysia. Without compromising our guiding principles, we aim to provide a sustainable supply of:-

  • Natural Rubber; and
  • Rubber wood extracted from rubber tree (Timber Latex Clone) which is environmental friendly.

Our Beliefs

As our business activities are closely associated with natural resources, we recognize the importance of practicing environmental stewardship and strive to adhere to the principles of sustainable development for the benefit of present and future generations.  We will continue to maintain responsible forestry practices by complying with statutory environment laws and regulations.